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My Story Master List

[Mainly Kurt/Blaine, Hummelberry and Anderberry]

The Little Things [WIP - almost finished] - FF.net

PG-13 - NC-17 - Kurt leaves McKinley. He hasn't had any of the experiences he's always dreamed of. Cue Blaine, the Warblers and the hallowed halls of Dalton Academy. Focuses in on the little things in life, the special moments.

Wild Horses [Completed] - FF.net    -    LiveJournal Tag
PG-13 - NC-17 (at the ending) - A local PFLAG scheme uses the lost art of letter writing to bring people together. - AU with subtle canon
MASTERLIST: Chapter One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven A B C D, Eight A B, Nine, Ten, ElevenA B, TwelveA TwelveB, Epilogue Part One Two Three Four
Constant (FutureFic set in this verse) - It's Kurt's birthday and there's a surprise waiting at home for him.

Sky Blue & Black - LiveJournal
PG - 13 - The day after prom and it all sinks in. One-shot.

Time To Play - FF.net   -   LiveJournal
PG - 13 - Blaine has never been to a sleepover... Kurt decides to right that wrong. One - shot.

It's All Fiction - FF.net   -   LiveJournal
PG - 13 - Follow on from 2x15 'Sexy' and their 'non-conversation'. Kurt is frightened and doesn't ever see how that will change. One-Shot.

So Close - FF.net   -   LiveJournal
PG - 13 - Cuddle fics.

You are the New Day - FF.net   -   LiveJournal
PG - 13 - One-shot - My little filler for the scene AFTER Blaine leaves McKinley post-SOWK.

Faraway Voice - FF.net   -   LiveJournal
PG - 13 - One-shot - Kurt's week hasn't been an enjoyable one. Blaine is his saving grace even if he doesn't quite realise it.

That's No Concern When We're Wounded Together - LiveJournal
PG - 13 - One-shot - Blaine's first week at McKinley doesn't go as planned but he has Kurt and enough strength to try. Thinky thoughts and a whole load of wordiness. One - shot

Teenager in Love - LiveJournal
PG - 13 - One-shot - "Music as expression has always been the most important thing but the Fifties hold a cherished nook in his heart, full of doo-wop beats and exquisite tailoring."  Blaine takes Kurt out for the evening. A bit of a love letter to the Fifties and this lovely pair. One - shot.

The Rainbow Connection - LiveJournal
PG - 13 verging on NC-17 - One-shot - Inspired by THIS adorable artwork by the ever so amazing muchacha11. Slight future!fic set early in the school year following graduation.
Blaine helps Kurt with the new apartment and things get a little... messy. One-shot

Details in the Fabric - Livejournal
PG - 13 - One-shot - Written for the beyond_dapper Blaine Mini Haitus Fic Exchange.
Prompt: Blaine is a model for Kurt's newest fashion line.
Sunday afternoons are for quiet time and TV watching as far as Burt is concerned but his son's boyfriend is over and he's reminded that there's no such thing as 'normal' in the Hummel-Hudson household because Blaine changes things OR "Kurt enters a new fashion competition and Blaine can't say no". One shot

Never Perfect - LiveJournal
PG - 13 - One-shot - A small moment in McKinley High's Auditorium where learning that perfection is over-rated. Screwing up and growing together are what they're best at, after all.
My little version of the way some of the 3x05 spoilers may play out. : )

Somebody Loved - LiveJournal
PG - 13 - One-shot - “Alphabetical order complete,” Kurt sings, fitting his hands to his hips with an accomplished sigh. He turns with a grin so smug that Blaine has to bury his mouth in his arms, peering over the edge of the bed - Kurt is far too cute when he does that.
In which Blaine ponders over something so inherently Kurt - his need to nurture and make things beautiful.

Make It In This Land - LiveJournal (On Haitus unfortunately)
PG - 13 - What if Brittany was a future scientific time travelling genius? What if Kurt and Blaine had adopted a young Irish boy in a Children's Home in America? What if that boy was Auntie Brittany's favourite? What if one day he walked the halls of McKinley High circa 2011?
AKA the crackiest/silliest thing I shall ever write but I hope it still has plenty of heart and just enough reality so you can believe!

Seldom Seen Kid - LiveJournal
PG - 13 (for a little swearing) - One-shot - "There’s a moment when it all goes black. Blood is pumping to the solid, deep beat of his heart until he’s shaking with it, hands aching and skin stretched over strained muscles but it’s good. It’s good in a way that it shouldn’t be but when the leather strains and tiny cracks appear, it’s so necessary to keep going or else he’ll collapse with the tension."
A little scene from the gym pre-Finn as there was a distinct lack of Kurt.

Better than Dessert - LiveJournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - One-shot [Words: ~1,300] - Post Yes/No - Kurt shares his cheesecake.

Au Pair - LiveJournal (WIP - In Progress)
PG - 13 - NC - 17 - With money tight living with Ms Rachel Berry in their ‘beautiful little broom cupboard’, Kurt knows he needs to find a job. There just happens to be a family who require a nanny, their son in need of an escape too. Minus a magic carpet bag, cue Kurt Hummel.
MASTERLIST: Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter FourA | Chapter FourB | Chapter FourC | Chapter FiveA | Chapter FiveB |

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - LiveJournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - One-shot - PROMPT FROM ANON: (Post 3x11) Blaine is fussing and getting frustrated while he’s ill and Kurt gets short with him but only because he loves him so much. Cue Kurt being a bossy pants and doing what he can to make Blaine more comfortable. Bonus cuddling if you’d be so kind.

Fluttery - Livejournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 -One-shot - [Words: ~700] - A lovely anon prompted me only one word - 'eyelashes'. Kurt is distracted and Blaine is to blame.

A House is Not a Home - Livejournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - One-shot [Words: ~1,050] - A lovely anon prompted me "home" and the lovely [info]whenidance prompted "warmth". In which, unpacking is a messy business, Kurt is precious about his belongings and Blaine is spectacularly overwhelmed.

Tricks of the Trade - LiveJournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - One-shot [Words: ~4,300] - Burt/Blaine POV. Kurt's a terrible patient and even though Blaine's eager and willing to take care of him, there are some things only a father knows.

* * * * * *

      THE SLEEPOVER CHRONICLES VERSE - Blaine/Rachel Sibling AU fic (Updated sporadically)

    (I'm too charmed by the whole thing, I had to write something!)

All I Do Is Dream Of You - LiveJournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - Sleepover One - Blaine interrupts Rachel’s sleepover and can’t help but take advantage of the moment to spend time/flirt with Kurt.

Open Up Your Door - LiveJournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - Sleepover Two - In the throes of a duet drama, Rachel and Kurt spend time planning. Kurt can't help but realise a change in Blaine's usual mood so tries to help in his own special way.

Aftershocks - LiveJournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - Sleepover 3 - Sparks fly in the Anderson-Berry household and Kurt finds himself accompanied in a late night rendezvous.

Minty Fresh - LiveJournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - Sleepover 4 - Kurt is desperate to escape Rachel's clutches and her manic Reality TV show rants and makes it to the bathroom to carry out his routine before bed... until he finds himself with company. [Think Bring It On bathroom scene only wordier ;)]

- LiveJournal | Tumblr
PG - 13 - Sleepover 5 - Rachel arranges to meet Kurt to shop for 'pamper night' supplies but she has something else in mind entirely.

*links to be added*

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