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Title: Tricks (One - Shot)
Word Count: ~6, 600
Pairings/Characters: Blaine/Rachel - sibling AU, Kurt
Warnings: Oh so AU!
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sleepover 5 (kind of!): Rachel arranges to meet Kurt to shop for 'pamper night' supplies but she has something else in mind entirely.

Author's Notes
...and there's more! So I hope this pay off was worth the wait :) Oh how I adore writing sneaky Rachel and the fall out of her ridiculous plans.
See previous parts of the verse for full author notes. More shall definitely come soon.

It's not necessary to read the previous sleepovers but it is probably best you do as it is a gentle development :)

1. All I Do Is Dream Of You
2. Open Up Your Door
3. Aftershocks
4. Minty Fresh

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