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All I Do Is Dream Of You (One - Shot) [The Sleepover Chronicles]

Title: All I Do Is Dream Of You (One - Shot)
Word Count: ~2,200
Pairings/Characters: Blaine/Rachel - sibling AU, Kurt
Warnings: Oh so AU!
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sleepover One prompt - Blaine interrupts Rachel’s sleepover and can’t help but take advantage of the moment to spend time/flirt with Kurt.

Author's Notes
Oh, just the best thing fandom has ever created from our collective twisted minds (thanks to this lovely lady on tumblr for creating this magic idea)! I’m completely charmed by it and couldn’t help but write SOMETHING :) Plus, it’s an excuse for me to write Hummelberry and use my mum’s comment today about Donald O’Connor reminding her of Chris.
Of course FYI, Blaine and Kurt aren’t dating but have known each other for a long time.


“Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, Kurt I don’t think the world will ever see a man as perfect as Gene Kelly. He’s just so wonderful. Look at his turn out and those jazz squares, I mean, the man’s a God.”

“All true.”

It was a staple event at a Rachel Berry sleepover. One simply had to watch a musical and usually the chosen movie ended up being one they’d both seen more than once.

It was fortunate that they both stared exceptional taste in men because there was usually plenty of girl talk and, well, living with Finn had put the kibosh on any form of chit chat. Finn’s idea of a heart-to-heart was a rough pat on the back.

Snuggling closer, Rachel pressed her sock-covered toes to his leg and shook violently with a squeal. Clearly she was overcome with something incapable of being repressed. “Oh just look! Look! There’s a fine example of a man who knew what he wanted, appreciated the necessity for dedication to the arts and went for it no matter what anyone thought of him.”

“I’m sure Debbie Reynolds and her poor nerves would have disagreed,” Kurt countered, nudging what seemed to be Rachel’s hip. The amount of cotton soft blankets and furry cushions on her bed meant space was a foreign concept.

“The man’s an Adonis. Less of your sarcasm, Kurt. Wouldn’t you just die for a man as beautiful as him?”

Yes; the answer was simple and finite. The one thing that Rachel wasn’t to know under any circumstance was anything of the many dreams Kurt had found himself indulging in over the years featuring her rather dreamy brother. Blaine was something else. It was hardly a secret that people found her brother attractive but she didn’t need to know just how many times Kurt had day dreamed of him, nor were the details required. Her pretty little head was stuffed full of enough drama as it was.

“I would. However, men like Gene Kelly don’t exist in Western Ohio, I’m afraid.”

She huffed into her sequined pillow, dragging it around to face him. Gene hummed a pretty tune as the cascades of water began to fall on screen. “Did you know that he was so violently ill when he performed this number? He was so sick that production actually advised him against filming but he pressed on. They rained milky water down on his head, Kurt, and he still stepped up to the plate. Milky water.

“And?” Kurt shook his head. Her mind truly was delightfully insane.

“And that’s why he’s my dream man. I mean, Finn’s wonderful but do you see your brother tap dancing in cascades of water with a raging temperature? No. Still, everyone has a default don’t they?”

There was a statement filled with far too many issues to detangle at once. Sliding to sit against the bed post, Kurt stared, wide eyed. “By default you mean -  actually, don’t tell me. I’m too scared to ask.”

She closed her eyes, breathing deeply. “Kurt. Keep up. What I mean is there’s always one person who is so breathtaking and wonderful that you’ll always hold them in your heart. Surely you know what I mean.”

Kurt pressed his lips firmly together, as if still and silent in wait for her to realise her own ridiculousness. “You do know that Gene Kelly died some years ago, don’t you?” The pained expression on her face sent shivers down his spine - clearly self awareness wasn’t her strong point when it came to affairs of the heart.

“Oh why must you make this so difficult,” she sighed dramatically, her head flopping back ragdoll-like sending her curls cascading over Kurt’s arm. She was honestly smothering when in the throes of a passionate speech. “It doesn’t matter that Gene is no longer with us – god rest his soul – because he lives in here.” She pressed her hand tight to her chest.

“So you’re having an emotional affair with a dead movie star whilst dating my brother?” Kurt asked, the fear of her answer clutching at him in desperation.

“We have the capacity to love more than one person at a time but that isn’t to say that I’d ever cheat on Finn. No.” Her hair tickled at Kurt’s arm as she shook her head, eyes bright as they peered up at him. “I’m going to marry Finn but that doesn’t stop my heart from loving and worshipping Gene. Look, surely you feel that way about someone. That breathless, desperate feeling whenever you see them?”

Eyes sparkling, she clutched tight to the thread bare teddy in her grasp. It was hard not to smile at her – the madness was infectious, after all.

“So that’s why you make those strange noises while watching An American in Paris?”

The groan from her lips was fused with impatience. “Kurt.” Sitting up, she adjusted her pyjamas and pressed her lips together. “We’re best friends. Best friends share things like this. Come on. Spill.”

He took a deep breath, wavering on the intake. He couldn’t tell her, of course, but there was always his serious crush on Tom Ford to fall back on. Now there was a man to drool over, much like Rachel did as Gene sang those immortal lyrics about love and angels. The initial syllables crept from his lips, the nerves tugging at his chest at the thought of slipping up, but there was a noise at her doorway and a crack of light from the hall glowed bright through the mood lighting.

“Hey, Rach, can I borrow your voice recorder? Mom said I still need to go over a couple of those phrases for my audition tomorrow?” Blaine’s head peeked gently around the door, his eyes widening instantly. “Oh. Kurt! Hey. I, um, I didn’t know you were here. Hi.”

There was no control over the very literal butterflies that one Blaine Anderson-Berry instilled in his stomach but Kurt knew he had to be composed. He had plenty of practise. Still, if there was a single living person who could dislodge his resolve it was his best friend’s swoon worthy brother.

“Blaine! Do you have to interrupt every single time Kurt stays over? We’re watching a movie.”

Kurt spotted her balled fists as she flounced off the end of the bed to pause the movie, the frilled bottom of her pants trailing over her feet. She was undoubtedly sweet - if only her mouth would stay closed and eyes rid themselves of that frightening steely intensity that flashed at any given moment.

As she disappeared into her walk-in cupboard, Kurt watched as Blaine’s eyes rolled in exasperation. “How you put up with her is beyond me,” he laughed, inching towards the bed. He sat against the edge, eyes failing to find a resting place.

Kurt struggled to breathe out, the hand hidden under Rachel’s pillows clenched into the duvet. If there was ever a time to exercise a bit of restraint and self control, it was in front of Blaine. The fact that he failed spectacularly every single time was definitely a sign of something that Kurt knew he couldn’t allow any headspace. Rachel’s claws would spring at any awareness of his gargantuan crush on the sibling she called ‘the ego’. It was an interesting nickname when considering the person who’d created it.

“I’ve got thick skin,” Kurt said eventually, the silence reining a little too long. Blaine’s eyes sparkled in the dim light as he shuffled further onto the bed. “And you live with her. Surely I should be saying the same thing of you. The walls here are thin.” Mission accomplished: one – albeit lame - joke down.

“Ah,” Blaine teased with a smirk, “but the aim is to sing louder.”

“Your poor parents.”

“Have you met our mother? ” Blaine quipped, his teeth dragging at his bottom lip in a manner that certainly did not go unnoticed. Kurt took an extra deep breath in an attempt to stop his skin from tingling so deliciously.

“True. Although, I do wonder how you get any homework done, or any sleep for that matter. I’ve heard her running scales and even I popped a couple of Tylenol’s when I got home.”

The corners of Blaine’s eyes crinkled as he chuckled, eyes drifting closed for just a moment. There was an unmistakable charm about him and, oh, it was most certainly not lost on Kurt. It had always grasped hold of him and sent his head spiralling.

There was a desperate need to touch his hair, hold his hand, kiss his lips and talk for hours on end and Kurt ached for it all. Being in the same room as Blaine was far too tiring sometimes.

Rachel’s groan was audible from the adjacent room. “Do you really need this now, Blaine, because sometimes I think you just do these things to annoy me.”

Kurt fought giggles at Blaine’s cheeky wink. “Oh yes,” he called back, smirking to himself, “I definitely need it right this second. Come on, Rach, you of all people should know how important it is for me to be at my best for this audition.”

“Must you exploit my dedicated nature all of the time, Blaine. Just because you have an extremely talented sister doesn’t mean you can take advantage of it whenever it suits you.”

Blaine was laughing now, bent over slightly causing his cream t-shirt to ride up at his lower back. Kurt swallowed hard. “So, this audition,” Kurt all but stuttered out, “is it necessary seeing as you’re the permanent Warbler front man since you transferred?”

There was a brief flicker of surprise in Blaine’s eyes but he smiled nonetheless. “It’s the council’s decision, remember. Although, I do share genes with the little diva in there so, naturally, I’m always gunning for the lead.”

“You don’t say.” Kurt fought back a gasp. That was definite flirting. The many nights he’d cursed himself for being completely incapable of grasping a romantic opportunity through fear and inexperience came rushing to mind immediately as Blaine’s shoulders swayed. Kurt allowed a moment of silent smugness. He could do this.

“So are you, if half of what Rachel says is true about you. You’ve always been her biggest competition and part of me wonders if that’s why you’re both such good friends.”

With a wry laugh, Kurt shuffled to sit straighter. If there was one thing he did know about being in the same room as Blaine, it was that he created an air of comfort that was dangerous – Kurt knew he’d slip under his spell and he never allowed his guard to slip. “I assure you we’re only friends for her selflessness and serene nature.”

Blaine’s laugh seemed to fill the small room, his legs lifting to cross under him on the bed. “Oh, yeah. I forgot. She’s the epitome of generosity and composure.” Kurt watched Blaine’s fingers play at the hem of his lounge pants, his stocking feet suddenly becoming adorable. Blaine took a breath and glanced up under his eyelashes with a soft smile. “The audition’s kind of important though. It’s for Sectionals and, of course, I aim to kick her butt if I can.”

“Hey,” Kurt gasped, affronted, “and of course we’ll naturally kick yours right back. There’s nothing like friendly competition.”

“Oh yes, I forgot what you friendly people looked like,” Blaine said quietly, almost to himself.

Rachel appeared, arm raised with the offending article and breathing erratically. “I had to climb all over the junk you have stored in there, little brother. I expect you to make me green tea for the rest of the week as punishment. Now, shoo. Kurt and I were swooning over Gene before you rudely interrupted us.” She threw the hand held machine at him.

Kurt didn’t miss Blaine’s quirked eyebrow and secret smirk as he climbed off the bed. “Are you a Kelly fan?” he asked, eyes only for Kurt. The room suddenly felt half the size and a hundred degrees.

“He’s a Hollywood legend and, yes, he has a distinctly likeable quality. Why?”

Blaine hummed to himself, lingering at the door as Rachel tinkered with the DVD player. “No reason. I was just always a Donald O’Connor fan myself. You know? Cute. Big expressive eyes. That auburn hair all swooped high. Cheeky grin. Quietly bursting with talent.”

It was as if Rachel’s room was a vacuum, ridding the world of any air as Blaine’s gaze didn’t move. Instead, he held still with a gentle smile. Kurt knew he was a terrible over thinker at times, someone guaranteed to dissect every social interaction that even remotely hinted at romance but this particular moment was unmistakably charged.

He couldn’t breathe.

“I don’t know,” Kurt found himself saying, mouth clearly independent from his scrambled mind and thumping heart. “I’m a sucker for the whole slicked back hair thing. Not to mention the irrepressible ambition. It’s quite a combination.”

“I’ll bear that in mind,” Blaine whispered, grinning to himself as he eased the door closed.

As Rachel threw herself back on top of the cushions, cuddling to his side in an instant, Kurt knew he wouldn’t sleep a wink all night. Not when Blaine and his charming smile were on the other side of the wall.


Tags: fan fiction, fandom: glee, fic : the sleepover chronicles [anderber, fic: one-shot, kurt&blaine
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