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Au Pair (Chapter 4A/10 + Epilogue)

Title: Au Pair (4A/10 + Epilogue)
Word Count: ~4,000
Characters: (varies) Kurt/Blaine, Rachel, Isobelle, Blaine's parents - William and Monica
Warnings: Oh so AU!
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 (individual Chapter rating PG)
Summary: With money tight living with Ms Rachel Berry in their 'beautiful little broom cupboard', Kurt knows he needs to find a job. There just happens to be a family who require a nanny. Their son is in need of an escape too. Minus a magic carpet bag, cue Kurt Hummel.

Author's Notes
I'm splitting this chapter into two. The second part will be posted tomorrow as it still needs a little preening :)
You will notice that things do get worse before they get better and there is drama to come. I didn't expect this story to delve deeply into the angst and I'm keeping it as gentle as I can but I hope there's plenty of the warmth to balance it out! *crosses fingers*
Thank you for all of your encouragement on here and tumblr. I will have 4B up tomorrow evening. I hope you enjoy this installment :)

Chapter 4ACollapse )

Tags: fan fiction, fandom: glee, fic : au pair, kurt&blaine
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