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Just a little PSA...

I'm taking a little bit of a break from fandom. If you see this tag on my tumblr then the post I made is there.
I'm not going into the issues because, to be honest, I'm sick enough of it already and would like to avoid the issue as much as possible.

I am always working on Au Pair and my other verse and will hope to have the full chapter 5 of Au Pair up by the middle of next week (although it could be a lot earlier, we'll see). It's a very long one so I'm sure you can appreciate that it takes a little while to get it right but I've also just started a new job and it's taking up a lot of my time at the moment.

I'm so CRAZILY grateful for all of your comments. You're all so lovely and supportive of my writing. For that, I'm eternally grateful and you only spur me on to write more. Thank you all for that. <3

I hope I can come back to LJ and tumblr soon because it IS one of my happy places but unfortunately, my happy place became the opposite the other night and I felt far too uncomfortable for it to be worth it. I hope it all dies down soon but I fear it may only get worse, which isn't a prospect I'm keen on but, as always... where is that "but it's Glee" gif? Oh how passive agressively that thing's used... Grrr.

Anyway, I know many people have said they don't get any of my tumblr update messages as they only use LJ OR they miss them on their dashes. I always tag everything on my tumblr with MY WRITING so anything I post/mention/discuss to do with any of my stories is always there for those who check in often (and if you do, that always blows my mind a little).

I truly hope you understand. I'll make a post when I'm back and will no doubt be posting Au Pair during my time away because, as I said, I doubt this whole issue is going away soon...
Have a lovely few days and thank you, again for the recent tirade of lovely comments and messages. <3

Tags: fandom: glee, fic : au pair, kurt&blaine
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